Mapping Solutions and Services

We understand you want the best map and location technology and licensing advice for your application build. And you want to discuss your use case and project with someone who understands what you want to achieve.

We’ve been mapping and location solution specialists since 2008 when we first set up our mapping team. Since then, we have continued to add the world’s leading location vendors to our portfolio to give you the choice of best-in-class mapping platforms, mapping software, and location services that suit your different development needs.

Our years of mapping experience has taught us one thing. Your use case is unique. Our deep knowledge of vendor solutions means the advice we give you is objective. We want to ensure you benefit from the choice of the most suitable and powerful technology and license type for your application.

App development scenarios

Fleet Management

Routing and tracking services to build solutions to manage small and large fleets with advanced features including distance matrix routing, geocoding, real-time traffic, truck routing, tour planning, and last mile.

Business Intelligence

Spatial analysis tools to build visual dashboards and KPIs in business applications such as CRM and ERP solutions to better analyze, plan, and monitor business processes and performance by location.

Mobile SDKs

SDKs for Android and iOS to integrate fully featured map controls into mobile applications including positioning, 3D mapping and voice guided turn-by-turn navigation.

Some APIs that can help you with your development challenges:

  • Geocoding (geo-coordinates and addresses)
  • Routing (directions)
  • Truck routing (trucks require different routes to cars)
  • Isochrone routing (time-based routing)
  • Matrix routing (time-distance routing)
  • Mobile SDKs (iOS/Android)
  • Speed limits
  • Real-time traffic

The relationships we have with our location vendors allow us to provide you with specialist services. This can be a matter of solving complex licensing and pricing requirements, an escalation, or setting up a focused call for you with a Technical Program Manager. In this way, we support you to bring your location-enabled applications to life, and to deploy and scale for your business success.

No one else knows mapping like we do.

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